Short Stories

I love stories; and everyone has a story. I suppose I like to collect them. Sometimes they come in the form of short anecdotes, sometimes photographs. Sometimes they´re long, but I´ll try to keep them short here. I’ve heard everything ranging from inspirational to hilarious to utterly depressing. The best, however, are the ones that change how you think.

Most of the stories here are mine. I don’t know why, but strange things seem to happen to me. Maybe I invite it; maybe it happens to everyone, I don’t know.

In any case, all my stories are true. The ones I’m just borrowing from other people generally don’t include details that would identify those who have not consented to having pieces of their lives splashed on the web. Otherwise, however, they are accurate to the original recount. Generally, I only publish other people´s stories under one of the following circumstances; either I’m pretty confident they´re true, or if they sound like the kind of lie that tells a truth.

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