November 2012

The Sky Burial

November 23, 2012

Once in China, I saw a Tibetan sky burial. It took less than ten minutes for the birds to eat him. The feathered scrum writhed as more and more vultures shuffled over the

Who’s Ron?

November 18, 2012

Once in Venezuela, I made a scene while buying alcohol. It was a Friday afternoon; the last chance for Venezuelans to stock up before elections. With a long weekend of


November 14, 2012

Once in Mongolia, a taxi driver tried to rip me off. We agreed on a price before I even got in. But, a few minutes down the road I saw the meter was out of control. “Wow,

Dung Fight

November 12, 2012

Once in Morocco, I got into a dung fight with my host sisters. I was staying with a nomad family on the Touflite Plains, near Guelmim. They were poor, but welcoming. The boys

Blame the immigrants

November 7, 2012

Once in Adelaide, Australia, a rather strange man tried to enter a site I was guarding. Jittery, and clearly frustrated, he explained that he wanted to cut through the

El Gordo

November 7, 2012

Once in Peru, I met a backpacker who told me a why buying cocaine in South America can be a bad idea. For the sake of the story, we’ll call him Craig. So, Craig was

Mr Donut

November 4, 2012

Once in Japan, a friend of mine burst into my hotel room late at night. He was frantically searching for something. He surveyed the bed, poured over my desk and rummaged