November 2012

Animal Farm

November 2, 2012

Once in Bolivia, I was served in a restaurant by a pre-teen. The restaurant was filled with foreigners like ourselves, and she was struggling to keep up. Her outfit would

Civic Duty

November 1, 2012

Once in Caracas, Venezuela, I was drinking lemonade and waiting for a comrade outside a government building. Caracas is far from the dirtiest city I’ve ever been to,

The Woman in Meknes

November 1, 2012

She asked us, “What’s it like in America?” My Danish comrade and I just laughed. “I’m Danish, and he’s Australian”, he said. I suggested we keep

The Gift

November 1, 2012

The bit I always tell Once when I was in the foothills of Tibet, I was attacked by a pack of dogs. I was on a mountaintop, surrounded by steep drops on all sides. The nearest