December 2012


December 24, 2012

Once in Japan, a friend and I ran around a 100 yen shop with doghouses on our heads. They were the indoor kind; more like fluffy toys than actual kennels. Moreover, they were

Just Keep Searching!

December 21, 2012

Once in Adelaide, Australia, I tried to protest inside a protected area. During Hillary Clinton’s visit to Adelaide this year, the area around her hotel was declared a


December 9, 2012

Once in Kunming, I felt like shit. Things just weren’t going right. I was wandering around the city, feeling sorry for myself. Then I came across a man with no legs. It

The Wise Man

December 9, 2012

Once in a village in Sichuan, I met a wise man in a bar. He was using his retirement pension to sustain not only himself, but an entire family. He told me how even then there