Bias at the BBC? Of Course Not…Maybe Not…I Hope Not…

A few hours ago, a friend of mine who writes for a left-wing news outlet here in Venezuela received the following email from BBC Radio:

On Wed, Mar 6, 2013 at 3:30 AM, ****** ****** <*********> wrote:


I’m writing from the BBC World Service Radio’s Newsday programme, because we’d like to hear an anti-Chavez voice on our programme. IF you get this before 08:15 GMT this morning, please reply at this address, or call +44 ********** ****** *******Broadcast Journalist BBC World Service News//

Anyone who reads anything penned by this friend would conclude that while she doesn’t agree with everything the government here does, she’s a far cry from an “ anti-Chavez voice”. She sent this response.

//[Hi] ******,

There is enough of the minority opposition voice in the media. There’s enough distortions of Chavez’s life, and few media [are] showing our mourning. What about at least asking for [a] voice from both sides?

*******, ***.com//

Let’s hope that ******* from BBC Radio doesn’t intend on following the norm of simply excluding the views of the majority of Venezuelans on his show. Given that the majority of Venezuelans voted for Chavez four times, it seems only reasonable to assume there will be a Chavista on Newsday tomorrow…right?

I’m assuming that there will be, because I have faith in humanity. However, not everyone around the water cooler agrees. Unfortunately, when it comes to Venezuela (and well, pretty much everything else, now that I think about it), it’s perfectly normal for the Western media to simply adopt one side; generally the side that best aligns with corporate interests. And as one comrade pointed out a few minutes ago, why would the BBC deviate from the orgy of hate that the rest of the Western media is engaged in?

I hope I’m right, I really do. Not just because I like being right, but because these people who ignore one side aren’t just misleading the Western public. Their blatant bias aught to be offensive to the majority of Venezuelans who actually support the revolution, as well as just about anyone with any interest in truth.

C’mon *******, I know you’re going to put a Chavista on your show! I think…

UPDATE: Yes! Newsday spoke to a few people on the streets of Caracas!

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