The Ecuador Hiking Guide is Now for Kindle!

After months, I’ve finally gotten around to publishing my latest hiking guide for Ecuador for Kindle users!

My hiking guide aims to provide beginners with ideas for places to go hiking around Ecuador. The guide has a focus on locations that can be done solo, mostly near Quito.

The edition for Kindle includes a few minor edits to the web version of the guide, which is still viewable here. Along with the slight text changes, I’ve reformatted the document to be as easy to read as possible on Kindle. This includes removal of photos.

The guide itself is licensed under a Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives Creative Commons license, which means you can share it as much as you like! Read the conditions of the license here.

I’ve kept the licensing so open with hopes to see the guide be as useful as possible to anyone looking to get outdoors in Ecuador. Like the web version, I hope this Kindle version proves to be helpful for anyone looking to get started on their Ecuadorian adventures!

Download the guide here: The Beginner’s Guide to Hiking in Ecuador


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