Is This Mexico’s Craziest Street Food?

This is a deep fried hotdog wrapped in bacon.

Yeah, I know this isn’t exactly high brow blogging material, but I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, look at this thing.

Look at it!

If you’re wondering where this is, I stumbled across this little gem of nightmare caloric intake in downtown Puebla, Mexico. I felt like one hell of a gringo lining up for one of these badboys, but it was worth it. The amount of batter alone was enough to feed a family, and the bacon was thick and crispy. Here, see for yourself with this horrifying close up shot.

So that photo has probably already hardened your arteries, but it gets better. They had about a dozen sauce dispensers, and I was given free reign. Among other choices, they had tomato sauce, mayonnaise and even a mix of tomato and mayo. Personally, I opted for an ocean of bbq sauce and a glob of liquid cheese. Disgusting? Yes. Awesome. Hell yes.

Yet the question still remains? Is this Mexico’s craziest street food? I’m currently in the process of researching for a bigger blog post on street food (yes, that means I’m basically just eating a lot of tacos), and I’d have to say this hotdog is a strong contender. It really encapsulates a lot of what street food is about: it’s filling, cheap and weird. But will it make top place? Despite its merits, I’m doubtful this will be the wackiest snack I encounter. During my quest to sample the rainbow of Mexican street food, I’ve already eaten a few bugs, quesadillas piled with half a zoo worth of animals, and a chili that may still be slowly burning through my innards. That’s some tough competition.

Indeed, Mexico is packed with insane snacks at every turn, and I get the feeling I’ve still only just scratched the surface. So stay tuned for my upcoming piece, where I hope to list Mexico’s strangest, most awesome cheap eats!

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  1. This is when you know you’re getting close to the US borders.

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