The DSF Soundtrack to Election 2016: It’s For Anyone Who Finds Trump and Clinton Repulsive!

With less than a week left before the election, it’s time to announce the official DSF election 2016 soundtrack! It’s perfect for all of us who think this election cycle is the most depressing thing since waking up in a ditch surrounded by empty bottles of gin, dirty needles and half melted ice cubes that only just managed to keep that stitched up wound over your kidney region cool.

Anyway, listen you can to the soundtrack on the way to the voting booths. Blast it while the results are being announced. Headbang to it while you load that revolver and put it to your temple while laughing hysterically over the endless ramblings of CNN. Because no matter who wins, we’re all going to feel pretty shit the day after.

Read on to find out about some of the highlights of this musical exploration of suicide-inducing, morally vacant politics. Or, skip ahead and check out the full playlist here:

Note: Please don’t kill yourself. We’ll get through the next four years of misery, together.

Brujeria: Viva Presidente Trump!

Brujeria made a great comeback in time for election season with this fun little single. For anyone whose Spanish is a little rusty, the gist of things is that Trump gets chopped to pieces by machete-wielding Mexicans. What’s there not to like here?

OTEP: Lords of War

OTEP’s latest album is an epic “fuck you all” to the world’s response to the civil war in Syria. Its title track, Lords of War, also happens to be nice little diddy about the only people who ever seem to really benefit from US foreign policy (hint: arms dealers lol).

Lamb of God: Engage the Fear Machine

Last July, Lamb of God also blessed us with a new album; right in time for our collective descent into depression. This pleasant tune that somehow manages to describe both the mass media, and the mindset of the average Trump voter. How can anyone not fall in love with lines like, “The sky is falling, seal the boarders, heighten the anxiety. A steady diet of hysteria shapes history.”

War on Women: Pro-Life?

Dear anyone who thinks Clinton is the feminist choice: no, War on Women is the feminist choice. Period.

Immortal Technique: Rich Man’s World

A delightful little reminder from Immortal Technique on how democracy works.

Pantera: Suicide Note (Parts 1 and 2)

I feel like we’re all going to be contemplating writing one of these on November 9.

Seapony: Bad Dream

Sorry, but no. This isn’t all just a bad dream. But at least for a few minutes, we can pretend it is and drift away with Seapony. Yaaaaay!

Adolescents: Democracy

If you hate both candidates, then you’ll love lines like “I don’t see the freedom in democracy”.

Napalm Death: On the Brink of Extinction

Just a fun reminder that if Trump wins, we’re one step closer to extinction.

Parkway Drive: Dark Days

Speaking of extinction, what will you tell your children when they ask you why you voted for a president that didn’t give a shit about climate change? One day, everyone who voted for either Trump or Clinton will have to answer that. Just saying.

Gift Giver: Loose Cannon

I think there’s plenty of people in the RNC that’d agree with me when I say that this song could have easily been written about Trump.

First Blood: Armageddon II

Trump’s foreign policy so far seems to be easily summarised with the oh-shit-this-isn’t-rhetorical question, “Why can’t we just nuke em?” I just love this little voice over mid way through:
“We use nuclear weapons, The genie ain’t goin’ back in the bottle, until American cities is taken out by islamic weapons in retaliation. So tell me, if you want to go to war with Iran. Pick your city, pick your city. Tell me which one you want gone. Seattle? L.A.? Boston? New York!? Miami?”

Sepultura: Territory

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about Clinton! Trump’s foreign policy is basically suicidal, but Clinton isn’t much better. I mean, she pretty much unequivocally supports Israel’s WAR FOR TERRITORY! Sorry, just really crave this song. It’s an oldie but such a goodie.

Mouse: Bankers

Speaking of HRC, here’s a song about the only voters she cares about.

Suicide Silence: Fuck Everything

This one is self explanatory.

Don’t forget, there’s even more great songs at the playlist itself. Happy elections!

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