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More Supermarket Adventures

March 20, 2013

Every time I go shopping here, something weird happens. Usually I blame my lousy Spanish, but today fault lies with my trolley. To be honest, I was lucky to even get one.

Sook in the Souq

January 4, 2013

Once in Doha I found a shop selling Palestinian solidarity memorabilia. However, it was lunchtime, and the shopkeeper was gone. I walked around the block, and came back half

The Sky Burial

November 23, 2012

Once in China, I saw a Tibetan sky burial. It took less than ten minutes for the birds to eat him. The feathered scrum writhed as more and more vultures shuffled over the

Dung Fight

November 12, 2012

Once in Morocco, I got into a dung fight with my host sisters. I was staying with a nomad family on the Touflite Plains, near Guelmim. They were poor, but welcoming. The boys